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  • Admiralty & Maritime Law
    The first admiralty and maritime law site. An exceptional site with an emphasis on the law of Canada. Recent Canadian cases in virtually all areas of maritime law are summarized and archived.
    This is a site devoted generally to issues concerning small or recreational boats, with a significant amount of information on small boat law and safety. Another site,, has a page devoted to state boating laws. See also the USCG Office of Boating Safety and the USCG Auxiliary sites for more detailed federal legal and regulatory information. is a site devoted to general boating information.
    The Countryman and McDaniel law firm site that includes information and links pertaining to cargo and freight law.

    Comite Maritime International (CMI)
    CMI was established in 1897 and is the parent organization for the national Maritime Law Associations. It is an excellent source for working papers and information on various aspects of international maritime law. The Singapore Conference page includes working papers and articles on marine insurance, salvage, general average, piracy and the carriage of passengers.

    Cornell Legal Information Institute's Admiralty Page
    Cornell's admiralty law page that includes a short summary of the law and links to primary sources.

    FindLaw's Admiralty Page
    FindLaw's admiralty section, including links to Findlaw admiralty resources and a Web Guide.
    An impressive site devoted to freight forwarder and NVOCC legal issues, which includes detailed legal commentaries, texts, case notes and copies of relevant treaties.

    Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law
    A comprehensive site on international fisheries law and management, which is designed for academics, students and practitioners. The site includes a large collection of international agreements, information on international fisheries organizations, a glossary of fisheries terms and a collection of links to other sites.

    The Shipping Case Index is a reference guide to over 1,000 selected English Court admiralty and maritime law related decisions together with links to other useful websites.

    Open Directory - Admiralty and Maritime Law
    Google's version of the Open Directory's list of Admiralty and Maritime Law sites.

    Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) - Shipping Law
    SOSIG is a service that aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law.

    Tetley's Maritime and Admiralty Law
    Professor Tetley's web site is a cornucopia of articles, glossaries, notes, book excerpts and commentaries on admiralty and maritime law. Of particular note is his Glossary of Maritime Law Abbreviations, Definitions, Terms and Odds'N Ends.

    Shipping & Transport Case Notes
    This is a case note service provided by arbitrator David Martin-Clark  that includes shipping cases from England and Singapore.

    United Nations, Oceans and Law of the Sea
    The web site for the UN's Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, which includes the Law of the Sea Convention and much related material. 

    University of Cape Town, Marine & Shipping Law
    The Marine & Shipping Home Port of the University of Cape Town's law faculty, which provides marine and shipping law research materials.

    University of Southampton, Institute of Maritime Law
    The Institute is the largest center in the United Kingdom for the study of maritime law and for teaching, research and consultancy in the subject. A lengthy list of maritime law related links is provided.

    See also the sites listed on the Maritime Law by Country page

    eCommerce Law

    CMI Rules for Electronic Bills of Lading
    The proposed rules from the Comite Maritime International (CMI), which are online at the CMI site.

    Europe's Information Society
    A site on Europe and e-business issues sponsored by the European Commission.

    Global E-Commerce Law
    An exhaustive e-commerce law guide from the law firm Baker & McKenzie. The site provides weekly updates on the latest developments and annotated links to virtually all relevant web sites and documents.

    OECD - Digital Economy
    The Organisation's e-commerce page with papers and policies.

    UNCITRAL Electronic Commerce
    United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) page with links to UNCITRAL texts and documents. See also the Hague Conference e-commerce page.

    International & Foreign Law

    American Society of International Law (ASIL)
    This excellent site includes significant online information incluing: brief essays on current topics in international law (ASIL INSIGHTS), web links of interest to international lawyers (International Law Links Springboard), the ASIL Newsletter, and the superb ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law, which is comprised of detailed internet guides in eight areas of international law. The Society also provides the Electronic Information System for International Law ( EISIL), which is a comprehensive directory of international law resources on the web.

    Australasian Legal Information Institute
    The Institute's World Law directory and guide provides links to foreign law resources. AustLII is operated jointly by the Law Faculties of the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Its primary function is to provide free internet access to Australian legal materials.

    British and Irish Legal Information Institute
    The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) Pilot Service provides free internet access to British and Irish legal materials. BAILII has been developed through cooperation between AustLII and parties in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    Cornell's Global Law Directory
    The Legal Information Institute's collection of global legal materials and resources on international law. 

    EUR-Lex: European Union Law
    An excellent site that includes legislation and case law of the European Community (EC).

    Findlaw's Foreign & International Law Sources
    Findlaw's individual country resources and international law resources, which include information on international trade law and the European Union.

    Governments on the WWW
    An exhaustive directory of government sites indexed by country. See also the National Parliments on the Web site.

    Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World
    The Library of Congress' guide to online legal resources indexed by country. The Library's Global Legal Information Network is a database of laws, regulations, and other legal sources from around the world.

    Harvard University's Foreign and International Law Web Guide 
    Harvard's guide with links to foreign and international law related internet sites.

    International Law Office
    This site publishes newsletters from law firms around the world on subjects ranging from arbitration to white collar crime, including a section on shipping and transport law.

    Juris International
    Juris International is a multilingual collection (English, Spanish and French) of legal information on international trade, including international conventions, model clauses and drafting guidelines, and links to dispute resolution centers and business associations. It is the result of a partnership between the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, the University of Montreal and the University of Nancy. 

    Lex Mercatoria
    A superb site concerning international commercial law, with a database of primary source material. The site includes a considerable amount of material on international e-commerce issues. - Country Guides
    These narrative guides from the Law Library Resource Exchange are the best starting points for researching individual country legal systems and online resources.

    Pace Database - Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980)
    This is an exhaustive site on the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980), which includes an annotated text of the Convention, articles, guides and cases from various national jurisdictions.
    See also the UNCITRAL database site.

    United Nations - International Law
    This is the United Nations portal for UN sites and information concerning international law.

    University of Chicago Law Library: International Law on the Internet
    A legal research guide to international law web sites.

    World Legal Information Institute
    The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by various national Legal Information Institutes and other organisations.

    WWW Virtual Library - Arbitration
    This site includes a significant amount of information on international arbitration as well as the arbitration statutes and regulations of a number of foreign countries.

    General Law

    ABA Lawlink
    A concise guide from the ABA to internet legal research starting points.

    All Law
    A thorough directory and guide to internet legal resources.

    American Law Source On-line
    The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law on the internet.

    CataLaw is a metaindex for internet law sites arranged by topic and region, which includes a Maritime and Transport Law metaindex.

    Cornell University's Legal Information Institute (LII)
    The Legal Information Institute is arguably the finest free legal site on the internet. It includes legal guides, databases and internet links in virtually all areas of the law.

    A guide to legal resources on the internet that was begun as a research tool for Federal lawyers and employees.

    An comprehensive free legal site with web guides in virtually all areas of law and a database of court opinions, statutes, regulations, rules and legal forms. provides legal information for Internet and technology professionals, internet entrepreneurs and the lawyers who serve them.

    Guide to Law Online (Library of Congress)
    The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the U.S. Law Library of Congress for the Global Legal Information Network, is an annotated hypertext guide to free online sources of information worldwide on government and law. It includes links to the most useful and reliable sites.  See also the Law Library of Congress home page.

    Hieros Gamos
    An exhaustive portal to internet sites related to law and government.

    Internet Law Library
    The Internet Law Library was originally maintained by the United States Congress, but has been transferred to a number of successor host sites. The Library is both a database of laws and regulations and a guide to legal internet sites.

    Internet Legal Resources
    A categorized index of more than 4,000 legal sites in 238 nations and territories.

    Jurist Law Guides
    Concise internet law guides organized by subject (Admin Law to Torts) and edited by law professors.
    This has developed into a major legal portal, with sections devoted to every state in the United States, legal practice centers, a legal newswire and a host of other law related information and sub-sites. 

    Law Library Resource Exchange (LLRX)
    A superb online publication concerning legal research on the Internet, which includes internet legal guides.

    Internet legal guide and directory with a site for finding legal forms.

    The internet version of this well known fee based service. See also the Shepard's database site and the LexisOne site that offers free services and databases.
    An online fee based legal database similar to Lexis-Nexis.

    Meta Index for US Legal Research
    George Washington University's meta page for searching various online legal databases.
    This is an outstanding site and "self-help law center" for finding information about everyday legal issues

    THOMAS (Legislation Information on the Internet)
    The Library of Congress site that is the principal  internet site for finding information on pending legislation in the the United States Congress.

    Versus Law
    An online fee based legal database.

    Virtual Chase
    An excellent internet legal research guide similar to the Law Library Resource Exchange.

    WashLaw Web
    Washburn University School of Law's site that exhaustively indexes legal internet sites in all areas.

    The internet portal to Westlaw's fee based legal database.

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